Smart Growth


  • Encourage citizen and stakeholder participation in development decisions
  • Make development decisions predictable, fair and cost-effective
  • Reinvest in, and strengthen existing communities and achieve more balanced regional development
  • Direct growth to urban areas, protect farmland, nature and water
  • Improve variety of transportation choices – shift investment of funding towards public transit, away from building more and bigger roads
  • Create walkable neighbourhoods and opportunities for cycling (enhance trail networks)
  • Use compact building design in new construction for urban communities

Essential for Success

Long Term Vision, Anti-Sprawl Planning, Cooperation and Communication between Communities and all levels of Government


“Smart growth creates mixed-use, walkable, environmentally-friendly communities, with a greater range of housing choices.” (3)
Economic Growth, Livable Sustainable Communities with strong sense of place, Reduced Congestion, Improved Transportation, Healthier Population & Environment, Protected Farmland, Water Sources, Open Space & Forest, Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecosystems


Growth Targets for the County of Brant have been determined by the Provincial government through the Provincial Policy Statement (2014), and are specified in the Places to Grow Act Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017).
Current population of the County of Brant ~38,000
Growth Targets:

  • 49,000 by 2031 – 29%
  • 53,000 by 2036 – 39&
  • 57,000 by 2041 – that is an increase of 50% in the next 23 years<

Without cohesive Smart Growth Strategies, the County risks development that will irreversibly consume precious agricultural land, damage sensitive ecosystems, damage water sources, result in taxpayer dollars being spent on unnecessary infrastructure costs

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